lundi 3 juin 2013


I've been having hard times recently. Really! My men has begin his new job in Montreal. So I keep the house alone. With three children, I have to manage the family schedule up to the minutes.

6:00 - We get up.
6:55 - We leave our home.
7:00 - We are at the day care.
7:10 - We are at school.
7:50 -  I am at work.
16:00 - I leave work.
16:40 - I am at school. I get my two older back.
16: 50 - I am at the day care.
17:00 - I finaly get home
17:30 - We ate our supper.
18:15 - Bath time
19:15 - Sleeping time
19:30 - Short time for mom. I have to do everything I have to do to keep the house clean and save some time in the next morning.
21:00 - Sleep time for mom.

It's hard to keep up. To stop the from complaining all the time about everything. I have to stop thinking about everything and get stressed up. I'll do it. I know that I am able.